I Am Not Somebody Who Copies Music: Karan Aujla Updates Fans About EP Way Ahead

Now that the long-going Elections drama has finally concluded, Punjabis have moved to their next favorite interest, Music. Karan Aujla had announced his EP Way Ahead on 18 January and ever since, fans have been awaiting the announcement of its release date. Karan recently dropped some updates about the EP on his social media.

Through an Instagram story, Karan Aujla said that he’s been receiving a lot of messages from fans about Way Ahead. To all the questions, he replied that he could drop all the six songs the next day itself, but there are plenty of reasons he’s not doing so and he cannot even reveal some of those reasons. He revealed that the songs are ready, mixing and mastering is in process, 3 videos have been shot and 3 are yet to be shot and the team is thinking about collaborations that which artist would suit better in each song. 

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This did not end here, Karan also wrote that everything takes time and he’s trying to make sure that everything comes out perfect this time. About his EP, he wrote that it has no business with anybody; all that he’s done in the EP is presenting the audience with something new. He added that he’s not somebody indulged in copying stuff like other artists who copy music and give it the tag of “taking inspiration”. 

Karan also wrote at the end that he could have done these talks with his fans after coming live on Instagram but these days, his heart doesn’t allow him to. Karan Aujla also announced that new updates about the EP are on their way in the upcoming days.

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