I Hired A Woman To Slap Me Everytime I Used Facebook And It Changed My Life

Social media addiction is way too harmful than we think. Spending many crucial hours just scrolling through apps is very adverse. To stop these baleful habits people use some or the other ways but if they are hiring a ‘slapmaster’ for it then think how far he has gone in making social media an addiction. 

An Indian-American blogger, to increase his work productivity, hired a ‘slapmaster’ who went viral on the internet recently. Maneesh Sethi reportedly hired a woman named Klara from Craigslist as his slapper for USD 8 (Rs 595 approximately) per hour to help him lose his addiction from Facebook. 

Maneesh is a computer programmer from San Francisco who hired a slapper back in 2012. But why is it going viral now? It is because the CEO of Tesla Motors recently noticed the throwback story and reacted to the video of Maneesh and his’ ‘slapmaster’’. 

Sethi used a time management app to see how many hours he used to spend on the phone which were just useless and found that he used to waste 19 hours per day on Facebook.  He realised this wastage of time and decided to hire someone who would help him cult his addiction. He went to Craigslist and put up an ad that he needed a slapmaster. 

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As soon as the ad was put Sethi received 20 mails from the people applying for the position and then he chose a woman named Klara. “That slap-experiment was so effective that it helped him in both losing the addiction of Facebook and being more productive. Whenever I tried to waste my time, I remembered the sting of the slap. It was hard to cope up with all this but eventually it was all good and helpful”, said Maneesh. 

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