IAS Officer Appeals Removal Of Aam Ki Tokri Poem In Class 1 Book Due To Its Double Meaning Language

A poem named ‘Aam Ki Tokri’ has raised concerns of the IAS officer, Awanish Sharan, towards the type of content included in NCERT books. The poem is included in a Class 1 Hindi NCERT textbook and it was criticised by the IAS officer due to the type of language and words used. The officer took it to twitter to criticise the poem and demand its removal from the book.

NCERT was also quick to consider the IAS officer’s comment and reply to the statement. In an official statement, NCERT clarified that the content of the books will be changed in accordance with the guidelines of the New Education Policy (NEP) of the government.

NCERT also added that these poems were included in their textbooks with a view to expose students to the vocabulary of local languages in consonance with the NCF-2005 perspective. 

The audience has mixed views for the issue. While one part of it agrees with the officer and calls the poem offensive, and even hold it guilty for promoting Child Labour, another part of the audience did not find the poem offensive. 

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