“If Me & My Son Get Visa To Ukraine…”: Simranjit Singh Mann, After Backlash On Last Statement

A former police officer and president of the political party Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Simranjit Singh Mann has been making headlines recently due to one of his statements about the Russia-Ukraine war.

In his statement, he said, “Our people, the Sikhs now studying in Ukraine, instead of coming back to India, should report to the nearest military post and volunteer for military service against the Russian invasion. They should request the military authority to give them fortnightly training in infantry or artillery and then put them on duty to defend Ukraine.”


Due to this statement, the politician had to face some backlash. When in an interview, he was asked that as he was advising that people of Punjab and Sikhs should stay back in Ukraine and help the victims, so he shall start from himself and his son.

To this, Singh said he doesn’t have any problem with the same, if he and his son Emaan Singh got the visa, they will pack their bags and reach in three-four days to fight against Russia. 

Meanwhile, Mann said if students volunteered for military service for Ukraine, “it would result in big laurels for Sikh community across the world”. “If we lived and had food and salt in Ukraine, studied there then there is no need to return. We are a martial race.” He also urged the youth to join military ranks to side with Ukraine.

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