If Pollywood Celebrities Had A Resume, What Would It Be Like?

Day by day the creativity level of Instagrammers are achieving heights. Everyone has out of the box ideas and they bring novelty in their content. To date, we all have seen professional resumes and curriculum vitae which list the achievement, educational background and strengths. But instead of desired facts, what if the above-mentioned sections consist of all the funny information?

Let’s first look at the hypothetical resumes of the top singers and songwriters of Punjab.

Sidhu Moose Wala

What kind of information do you think Sidhu’s resume may contain? A person who has such an endearing passion for weapons that he considers them as a lover

Diljit Dosanjh

He is the dark horse of the industry, want to know why? Go through his resume and you will get your answer.

Karan Aujla

He is the most generous artist of Punjab, he helps in the growth of other markets like jhanjer or Mexico tourism and remains unaware of it.

Arjan Dhillon

He is the chokidar of Pollywood. Remember his song ‘Jaagde Raho’, to know more fun facts about him, read his resume.

Prem Dhillon

Prem Dhillon is the Skeptical artist of the Punjab music industry, he doesn’t even pick an unknown number of what else we can expect. Have a glance at his profile and know more about him.

Credit for the aforementioned information of this article goes to an Instagram page named ‘BramptonHood’. A few days back an astute Instagrammer posted his mind-blowing artwork. He designed the resumes of a few Pollywood songsters. He penned down their achievements, strengths, movies and books, reference, philosophy of life, passion, and notable works.

Artists’ resumes are indeed full of comic sense but it is a perfect amalgamation of satire and reality. He must have spent hours collecting such information and organizing them creatively.

The content creator’s Instagram page is packed with such amazing stuff, he has a unique imagination and style to present ordinary things.

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