If Roof Afza Tea Wasn’t Cringe Enough, Here’s Ice Cream Masala Dosa To Give You WTF Moment For The Day

Recently, an odd combination of food has been viral where a street vendor mixed Rooh afza with tea. The video has undoubtedly taken over the internet. But now again something usual has been surfacing over social media. 

Before giving an introduction we must ask you a question: what if you are asked to replace your normal masala dosa with ‘ice cream masala dosa’. Will you do it? You will get an answer after watching the video. For all the ice cream roll lovers out there, we have some news! A Delhi vendor video has gone viral and it shows a bizarre ingredient that has been used to prepare the famous ice cream rolls. The netizens were left in disgust and shock after a video went viral.

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Unlike all of the toppings that you could imagine being used for the preparation, this particular one is savory and is quite a famous meal on its own. This bizarre video has been shared by Twitter user Byomkesh and while he uploaded the video, fans of both the dishes are unable to comprehend the combined taste and are furious at the creation.

This is how netizens react to the video:


Twitterati calls it the worst dish. Twitter users can’t stop and flooded the comment section with various hilarious reactions. So, what do you think about this? Will you try it or not? Drop your answer on our social media handle.

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