If you are a 90's kid, You have definitely danced on these.

Being a 90’s kid is like a blessing when all you get is to compare and realize everything in our decade was so perfect. Just to make you feel a little nostalgia, we have managed to list down these songs, which you have definitely danced on, especially if you’re a 90’s kid.

Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Tha (Surjit Bindrakhia)

We won’t believe if you say, that you don’t start dancing the moment you listen to the beats of this song.

Btw we are sure, every little girl has felt adorable dancing on this song, with her mumma’s scarf or dupatta.

Tunak Tunak Tun (Daler Mehndi)


This song is definitely the king of the ‘90s. And because there are people who still are in love with this song, there is no explanation why one can’t resist dancing on this.

Bolo Ta Ra Ra( Daler Mehndi)


This song of Daler Mehndi has been in our hearts since forever. We can never get rid of our love for this song, its beats, and vocals too.

Ishq Tera Tadpawe. (Sukhbir)

We all have enjoyed a number of parties, and still do, just grooving right on the incredible beats of this song. And are you even friends, if you don’t shout ‘Oh Ho Ho Ho’ together?

Gur Naal Ishq Mitha ( Bally Sagoo)

Well. This song could never teach us if love really tastes sweeter than Gud or not, but probably is still the reason behind broken dance floors in the parties and weddings of course.

Aja Maahi (RDB) 

We enjoyed this song, shouting completely wrong and illogical lyrics so loud & confidently. Because, admit it or not, it’s true that we never understood the lyrics and especially the Rap part of the song.

Mundya To Back Ke Rahin (Punjabi MC)

No matter if one was a Punjabi kid or not, every kid has loved dancing on this song. It was the song, that was hit, starting from the last house of the street to the coolest DJ Parties.

Ho Jayegi Balle Balle (Daler Mehndi)

This song indeed needs to introduction, reminder, or and hints. You just need to hear the beats, and you’re all set.

Nachange Saari Raat(Stereo Nation)


Admit it, we never knew the lyrics of this song other than, Nachange Saari Raat, but still were so excited to enjoy the beats and music each time we heard it playing anywhere.

Kangna (Dr. Zeus)

This song has proven how Dr. Zeus has been entertaining us for years now. He is the king of beats and was even then.

We are sure you must have enjoyed going through this list and must be feeling like grooving on these. No worries, all these beauties are available on youtube, play them loud, or just plug in your headphone and enjoy!

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