‘I’ll Take Off My Clothes And Put Allegations On Rajiv’, Said Afsana Khan Before Eviction

Afsana Khan who was an outstanding participant of reality show Bigg Boss 15 has fought in the latest episode, before she got evicted, with the housemates after she failed to get the VIP ticket in the house. Not only this, she was disturbed and was throwing around chairs and using cutlery to make her point.

She condemned Rajiv Adatia for walking behind her till the washroom, and touching her. She said ‘Agar Tu mere ird gird bhi aaya to mai apne kapde utaar dungi aur tere pe ilzaam laa dungi’. She even said that she will put serious allegations on him and if nothing happens here, she would surely make a case on him, outside the BB house. Meanwhile, Jay Bhanushali, Pratik Sehajpal & Umar Riaz tried to explain to her but she did not listen to anyone and continued her rebuke.

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Rajiv Adatia continually told Afsana Khan that he had never touched her. Jay made Afsana understand that by making such statements, she is damaging Rajiv’s image by speaking ‘wrong’ things on National television. ‘He is a man, think of how he must be feeling currently’, said co-contestants. Even Neha Bhasin said to Afsana that, ‘If touching bothers you then you will also not touch Rajiv now onwards.’

But Afsana was in anger and asked Bigg Boss to remove her from the house as she didn’t want to stay with ‘stupid people’. And she also triggered Shamita Shetty and got personal with her. To this Shamita contended that Afsana is ‘Mad’ and had some mental problems.


After all these incidents, she was called by Bigg Boss to the confession room and told her to vacate the house shortly. Afsana said that she was not about to hurt herself, actually it was just that she saw the knife and picked it up and if she will leave then she would take Rajiv or Shamita along with her out of the Bigg Boss house as she didn’t want to go home with ‘This Face’.


But things turned in some other ways, while Bigg Boss evicted Afsana Khan. This left Rajiv teary-eyed. Rajiv says, ‘Afsana dil ki buri nahi hai, vo bass gusse mein jyada bol deti hai’. 


Also, Afsana was not evicted because of indulging into a physical fight with Shamita, the reason was self-threatening with the knife.  

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