Imran Khan’s Satisfya Becomes First Punjabi Song To Cross 100 Million Streams On Spotify

One of the proclaimed International kings of Urban Punjabi music Imran Khan has made his name not only nationally but globally too. The dutch-Pakistani singer is known for songs ‘Amplifier’, ‘Satisfya’, album Unforgettable and many more.

These songs quickly established Imran Khan as one of the biggest names in global Punjabi music – delivering worldwide tours and a legion of fans across the globe. But among all, ‘Satisfya’ still remains one of his career bests and the song that introduced him to the masses. The popularity of the song can be ascertained by the fact that it has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify! It became the first Punjabi song to surpass 100 million streams.

The song was released in May 2013 via an independent record label called Ik Records owned by him. But it still has been popular among Tik-Tok and other short videos sharing media. Further, produced by the talented Eren E, the track has a fun dance beat and shows off the rapping skills of Imran Khan. Teamed with David Zennie, he’s created another video with his signature action-packed, Fast and Furious style, mini film. 

Moreover, after Satisfya, Ap Dhillion, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon’s Brown Munde became the second Punjabi song to cross 100 millions streams on Spotify. 

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Coming back to Imran, with a huge smash hit under his belt, the Punjabi pop sensation is today on the path to a long term career. His songs are always a part of one’s playlist. Undeniably, he never fails to amaze his fans with his incredible tracks. He is one of the artists that holds immense potential and does wonders all the time.

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