Income Tax Raid At Ranjit Bawa’s 4 Places, Including His Residence

Prominent Punjabi Singer Ranjit Bawa is currently facing an Income Tax raid. It has been reported that the Income Tax Raid is being carried out at 4 different locations, in connection to the Punjabi singer.

The raid is being carried out at Deputy Vohra’s (Ranjit Bawa’s PA) house, Bawa’s office at Chandigarh, 2 of Ranjit Bawa’s homes – one at Batala and the other at village Wadala Granthian. 

According to the sources of Zee News & Abp live, the Income Tax raid has been carried out on all the prominent celebrities who contributed to the farmers’ protest. The revolutionary farmers’ protest was carried out in 2020-21 at Delhi, demanding the repeal of 3 farm laws. It turned out to be a successful protest at the end when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of the farm laws.

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The protest saw immense support from all over the world. The biggest support, however, was from the Punjabi Industry itself. Punjabi film and music stars donated lakhs and crores to the farm protest centered at the nation’s capital – Delhi.

According to Zee News & Abp Live, Ranjit Bawa was among the people who donated in the farmers’ protest. It is speculated that the raid is carried out in relation to the same donation, to find out the origins of the large sum donated by Ranjit Bawa.

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