India And Australia Governments Make Sure That An Ailing 25-year Old Finds His Way Back Home

On Monday Evening, Arsh Singh, a 25-year old student in Melbourne, suffering from renal failure, successfully landed at the Delhi Airport and was taken to Gurgaon’s Medanta Hospital. 

The movement of the ailing 25-year old from Melbourne to Delhi comes after collaborative humanitarian efforts by the Indian and the Australian governments to make sure that Arsh Singh reaches Delhi safely and gets the required treatment.

It was in 2018 when Arsh Singh moved to Melbourne for higher studies and on 8th of June he went to a local hospital, only to discover that he had a renal failure and his kidneys were not functioning. 

Arsh Singh and his family thanked PM Narendra Modi and minister for external affairs, S Jaishankar, for their unconditional help in Arsh’s treatment. They also thanked the Australian government and Australian doctors who initially started the dialysis treatment. 

Arsh Singh’s heart is also only 20% with an ejection fraction. The family was in a state of shock when they discovered all these problems as they couldn’t go anywhere due to the COVID-spread. The hospitals also suggested an organ transplant because this was a very serious case.

Niw finally, Arsh Singh has been airlifted from Melbourne to Delhi and taken to the Gurgaon’s Medanta Hospital. Arsh Singh will receive top-class treatment for his ailment and we hope the young boy gets well soon!

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