Indian Army Jawans perform Yoga on International Yoga Day; Shared Pictures

Health is wealth, we all must have heard about this phrase. Yes it’s true. If you are in your pinkest of the health then you’ve won half the battle this life throws at you. When we talk about health, we do not restrict ourselves till physical health. Mental health and emotional wellbeing is an important aspect as well. Yoga is an age old practice of which improves our physical, mental and emotional health. It strengthens our respiratory system and immune system, and helps us lose weight. Not only this, it helps us focus well and aids in meditation. It increases our mindfulness and decreases fear.

Recently, on June 21 everybody across the globe celebrated International Yoga Day. This day is celebrated to make people aware about the benefits of yoga and inculcate this habit in everyone. This day is dedicated to our well being . On Yoga Day people appreciate and recognize the value of yoga and its impact on ourselves.

On International Yoga Day, the Jawans of the Indian Army performed Yoga to mark the celebrations of the day at different locations. At Delhi Cantt, The Chief Of Army Staff Manoj Pande performed Yoga to commemorate the day. Apart from this, the Jawans performed Yoga everywhete and wherever they were posted even in the remote areas with sub zero temperature. These areas include Siachen, Ladakh, Sikkhim, Jammu and Kashmir etc.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated this day at the UN headquarters with the leadership and the members of international community.

This was the ninth celebration of International Yoga Day. The UN recognized June 21 as the International Yoga Day in 2014.

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