Indian Cricketer Harpreet Brar Reveals He Wanted To Be A Singer. Here Is What Stopped Him

Did you ever dream of becoming a singer? If you are a punjabi then, this thought must have crossed your mind at least a few times. But would you believe if we tell you that Indian cricketer Harpreet Brar also aspired to become a singer once?

Punjabis and their obsession with singing and becoming a professional singer is beyond science. Nobody can really get to know the reason behind this fact. Even today when you ask students what their goals are, every 7 out 10 students in Punjab will tell you that they want to become a singer. 

And the same is the case with Harpreet Brar. He is a popular Indian cricketer and plays for the under 23 team in the domestic team in Punjab. Recently he shared a video on his Instagram which we believe is the funniest thing we have come across today. 

In the video, he shares that he wanted to become a singer too, but there is something that stopped him. Now you must be thinking of what could be that reason behind. So let’s tell you it’s none other than his mom. 

Yes, you read that right. Harpreet is seen singing and enjoying until his mother shouts at him from another room. And as expected, Harpreet stops singing. What else could he have done?

We all are well experienced and aware of the fact that what is the result of disobeying your mom. 

Anyways, let’s keep aside the good old memories of when we used to get beaten up badly by our beautiful desi moms and focus on this super funny video that Harpreet has shared.

Have a look, this will surely make you laugh. 

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