Indian Idol Fame Farmani Naaz Sings Bhajan “Har Har Shambhu”, Clerics Call It Anti Islamic

Indian Idol fame Farmani Naaz, who has a large fan following on YouTube, caused a stir by performing a Shiv Bhajan for her listeners. Due to her most recent release, “Har Har Shambhu,” the ‘ulema’ of Deoband got furious. The Muslim organisation criticised the singer’s actions, calling them “against Islam.”

However, the Indian Idol star reminded the people that an artist has no religion and is likely to provide voice to all types of melodies, in a perfect response to the Ulema’s assertion. “Wee see Master Saleem singing such songs, even Mohammed Rafi sang many devotional songs which are highly popular amongst the masses. A singer has no religion,” said Naaz.

Farmani Naaz made a surprise appearance on the singing competition in 2020. She is now well-liked by her admirers and followers on social media. Earlier, Naaz was heard singing the song “Ghumungi Hardiwar,” which is ascribed to a Hindu holy place.

The controversy emerged as a Muslim cleric from Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, objected to the Naaz’s new song “Har Har Shambhu” and declared that no Hindu devotional music should be sung in Islam, which sparked the issue. He even advised Naaz to stay away from it and urged her to apologise to Allah (God), calling it a forbidden behaviour. 

However, as the controversy sparked, he later clarified his stand, adding that he had expressed his opinion regarding the prohibition on singing and dancing in Islam.

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