Instagram And Facebook Account Of Punjabi Singer Malkit Singh Hacked

Instagram And Facebook Account Of Punjabi Singer Malkit Singh Hacked

Malkit Singh, reputed Punjabi folk singer, informed today through a video on the internet that his facebook and instagram accounts have been hacked by unknown sources.

The singer also warned everyone to be aware of any messages they receive from Malkit Singh’s instagram or facebook accounts. Because he is not operating those accounts and the messages are not being sent by him but by the hacker. He also added that nobody should click any sort of links sent by his accounts to them.

The singer informed that they have moved the legal way against the accused. They have lodged a case against the hacker in the cybercrime branch for allegedly hacking his social media accounts. He requested everyone to be aware of such crimes taking place with or around them.

Malkit Singh is a well reputed Bhangra singer in the Punjabi music industry and is the first ever Punjabi artist to be honored with an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. His songs ‘Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha’, ‘Tootak Tootak Tootiyan’, ‘Jind Mahi’ are embraced in the hearts of every Punjabi. 

The cyber crimes are on an increase recently. Everyday a new crime related to hacking of bank accounts, social media accounts, financial transactions, online blackmailing, data theft etc. are reported. 

Locating a criminal in the cyber world is very difficult and that is why these hackers manage to successfully pull off their crimes and still not be punished. We all need to be extremely careful about our social media and digital presence and report such crimes as soon as possible. 

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