Instagram, Facebook And WhatsApp Again Sucks As The People Face Server Down Issues. Check The Hilarious Memes

Several social media platforms have now become the most important parts of our lives and it is difficult when our favourite apps are down even for a moment. We have previously faced issues with the working of WhatsApp, Instagram & FB due to the server problems. And this time was also the same, three of the Mark Zuckerberg owned platforms stopped working all of a sudden in the evening which made people wonder and stressed about the situation. 

What Is LAWDA That Started Trending On Twitter Lately And Got Memers Attracted?

These three platforms were not working for almost more than 5 hours and the hashtags like #Serverless #Serverdown #MarkZuckerberg started trending instantly on Twitter. The netizens couldn’t keep calm and rushed to Twitter to make the best use of time by sharing humorous memes on the perfectly working platform. 

Let us have a look at some of the best and chucklesome mems by our meme community:
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