International Students Are Applying In Record Numbers For Australian Student Visas

Australian borders were shut for nearly 2 years during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But since they opened borders for international students in December 2021, there has been no looking back for Australian student visa applications.

Approximately 42,000 applications were received by the Department of Home Affairs during the month of June 2022 alone. 

Making it the largest month with the most student visa applications in the last 10 years.

And the trend seems to be very positive as nearly 10,000 student visa applications are received by the Australian government.

While one of the biggest issues for applying students has been the slow visa processing by Australian embassies, it is quite evident that the Australian government is committing to solve this problem.

Recently, the Australian government announced an additional $36.1 million funding for the Department of Home Affairs, including providing additional public sector staff to make the visa processing faster.

While many international students tend to do odd jobs like Uber Eats at the start of their career in Australia, the new Labour-led government is shifting their policy by providing additional incentives like more skilled visas and unlimited work hours until June 2023 and consideration of the additional post study work visa for students in skilled shortage areas. 

The government is also planning to shift their focus on permanent migration rather than temporary migration. During the recent Jobs and Skills summit, the Education Minister, Jason Clare, mentioned that only 16% of international students stay on to work after their studies in Australia in comparison to 27% in Canada. 

With so many incentives for international students to study in Australia, there hasn’t been a better time to apply for the student visa.

But the problem for many students is where to start? How to apply? Should I apply by myself or through an agent? And don’t even get started with the lack of trust for many educational agents among students.

Well you might be in luck today as we have found a really useful platform for international students that covers all the information you need to know about studying in Australia, that is, Overseas Students Australia.

They have a ton of useful resources like guides, free checklists, templates for any international student on their website and other social media channels like YouTube and Instagram as well.

You can search for different types of courses on the platform, look up for the news, learn about different cities and everything about work, study and life in Australia as an international student.

One of the most useful resources is their 145-page Overseas Students Guide that covers every aspect of the students journey in Australia. The guide covers the student timelines from the planning stages to application stage, arriving in Australia to after graduation in a graphical manner. You can download it for free from here.

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