International Students Facing A Lot Of Problems Due To Travel Ban By Australian Government

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has left international students all over the world completely stranded. Describing the hardships being faced by the students, an international student wrote to the Australian government.

The anonymous writer wrote that the international students are fed up by the Australian government’s careless attitude towards the students. They demand a specific timeline for the return of international students and workers provided by the Australian government. 

Even after the imposition of a travel ban in the country, the government has been issuing Visas to students and workers for the past one year. Describing the visas as just a piece of paper, the writer demanded the Australian government to stop issuing them as they are of little to no use.

There is also a condition on the visa to have valid insurance. But since the students are offshore, it is completely meaningless as it can’t be used from outside of Australia. The students have tried every possible way to attract mainstream media’s attention towards their problems, but they have acquired only limited coverage by some channels. 

The motive of the students is also to guide new students by telling them their own sufferings. Even after paying 15 lacs or more as university fees, which includes all the benefits of face-to-face classes, the students are only able to take online classes. Despite the same fees, they’re being deprived of offline classes.

The students enrolled in courses like nursing, which require practical know-how and application, are suffering differently. They are not able to acquire any practical knowledge, and online classes are turning out to be a waste for them. It is not easy for students as they have to wake up at 3 am in the morning to attend their classes. Even after sacrificing their sleep schedule, health, and money, the Australian government has shown no mercy for the students. Over one year has passed since the pandemic hit the world, and the government still hasn’t found any solution to the problem, which has made several students completely depressed. 

The communication gap between students and the lecturers is also turning out to be a major problem for the students. The students have to wait for 2 or more days in case they want a doubt cleared by the lecturer. In addition to this, there is limited access to textbooks on part of the students. 

The students opted Australia for their higher studies not only for academic purposes, but also because they wanted international exposure, networking and practical knowledge. They wanted to experience a whole different atmosphere where people from all over the world come at one place to study, but all that the students are being served is online classes at the same fees of face-to-face classes.

It’s been over a year since these students have been fed with excuses and news of their return, which are scrapped shortly after without listening to them. News is spread of the students’ return before every intake due to which several students get enrolled in various courses, but the results never come out to be true. The writer claims all this to be just a trick to attract students. Even the agents spread these fake news to make financial profits from the commission earned through these helpless international students. 

“If celebrities and sportspersons are able to enter the Australian borders, why are students being denied entry?”, asks the writer. The students are ready to cooperate with the government, quarantine themselves and strictly adhere to all COVID-related guidelines without troubling the Australian taxpayers, all they want is borders to open for their very right to study. They are students who have enrolled in courses and will take years to complete their courses, not some celebrities who will stay for a few days in the country. 

All the international students have paid huge loads of money to the universities to acquire world class education and enjoy their atmosphere, but are denied entry even after holding genuine visas. 

Even after the vaccines are available for the public, the students are being denied entry. The writer wants to show the true scenario of what international students are facing, so that any new student aspiring to study in Australia surely gives a second thought to his plans, if they don’t want to fall into the Australian education trap which denies entry in the country after taking lakhs in fees and even after various possible ways to solve the problem. 

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