Why Are International Students At Canada’s Alpha College Protesting? Know The Whole Story

Canada is the leading country in terms of the number of international students pursuing their under-graduate and graduation courses. Lately, the Alpha College of Business and Technology, Toronto, Canada, has been a center of protests by these international students.

Around 300 students are protesting against the college because they allege that the college is forcing them to take an unofficial drop. The students are complaining that even after paying the fees for the spring term, the college has asked them to take this unofficial drop, that too, without prior notice. The students are also worried that the college hasn’t given them any confirmation that they’ll be enrolled to the college after 4 months of unofficial drop.

A video of the students communicating with the college authorities also surfaced over the internet. The students can be seen complaining to the authorities that if they are given a drop of 4 months, their 8 months will be wasted. “Who is going to pay our bills, who will take our liabilities. Are you guys going to take our liabilities? Are you guys going to take our responsibilities?”, a student asks the college authorities.

The students demand security for the allegedly unofficial drop they’re being forced to take. On 19 May, at around 3:00 pm, the students staged a protest against the Alpha College to raise their demands and communicate their message to the college.


Over the years, the international student community has complained of various instances of discrimination they’ve to face in other countries. “Everyone deserves a fair treatment”, is what the community stands for and demands from the colleges.

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