International Yoga Day 2023; Here’s Why This Day Is Celebrated On June 21

We all want a healthy lifestyle and future don’t we? With each day passing and us heading to a more sedentary lifestyle, it is very important to keep ourselves healthy, mindful and active. Healthy living is not limited to just physical health but mental and emotional too. Your mental health is also responsible for your physical well being. Stress and tensions have a direct effect on your gut and system as it is said that your body and mind are not different, what affects mind affects the body.
Yoga is a century old practice for mental and physical well being. The term Yoga is originated from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” Which means the fusion of body and awareness. Yoga is practiced by people all around the globe because of its advantages. Yoga helps in making the body resilient and stronger. It also helps in getting control over your mental and emotional health. International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 around the world to dedicate one day to this age old practice.


Yoga has been a continuous practice for centuries. Even before the contemporary exercises and activities, this age old practice has been there since the time immemorial. Even the manuscripts like Rigveda and others also talk about yoga. On September 27, 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with the idea of International Yoga Day and mentioned this to the UN General Assembly. There was a huge acceptance and recognition around the world after which the UN declared 21 June as the International Yoga Day on December 11,2014. This resolution was agreed by 177 countries. As a result, on 21 June 2015 , the inaugural ceremony of International Yoga Day was conducted.


This day is celebrated to increase awareness among the citizens about the benefits of yoga and its contribution  towards a healthy lifestyle. Different asanas and pranayams help in making our immune system, respiratory system and our body stronger. They also help in relieving stress and letting go of our inherent fears.The purpose of International Yoga Day is to aware people about their health and need to improve it. It can’t be stressed enough that Yoga is the centuries old practice which eases out the stress, calms the mental well being and improves our physical system. So, this International Yoga Day, pick up your mats and relieve your body of the stresses you’ve been taking since long.

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