Is Byg Byrd Targeting Sidhu Moosewala In His Recent Instagram Story?

Is Byg Byrd Targeting Sidhu Moosewala In His Recent Instagram Story?

After the breakup of the Brown Boys and Sidhu Moosewala, both the parties have been involved in various controversial statements, replies and personal issues with each other. While Sunny Malton has officially announced his comeback with his old-friend and co-artist Sidhu Moosewala, the other Brown Boy doesn’t seem to have settled down the issue.

Byg Byrd, who once used to be the major music producer for Sidhu Moosewala, recently uploaded an Instagram story, which made the audience believe that it was a short aimed at his friend-turned-foe Sidhu. He wrote in the story, referring to someone anonymous, that if you’ve got producers who charge you less, I’ve got artists who pay me more! 

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Though Byrd did not specifically mention whom were the shots fired at, it is very probable that he is referring to Sidhu Moosewala’s recent link-ups. Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton parted their ways from Sidhu a long time ago following issues related to the release of a song. Few months later, Sunny too parted his ways with Byrd and all the three artists were on their own. But watching his story, it looks like Sunny and Sidhu’s link up hasn’t gone well with Byrd.

Canadian Producer Money Musik also uploaded an Instagram post today, previewing an upcoming track with Sidhu Moosewala. Byrd’s story can also be a reference to the same. Both the story as well as the post have come up on the same day and if we join the dots, our speculations could actually be true.

One thing is for sure that Byrd did not put up that story out of nowhere, not referring to anybody. He is talking to someone for sure but not making it public. Knowing about the history of both Byrd and Sidhu, the audience has every reason to believe it is a reply to Sidhu. 

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