Is Karan Aujla Shooting In Hollywood For His Upcoming Album, BacTHAfu*UP?

Is Karan Aujla Shooting In Hollywood For His Upcoming Album, BacTHAfu*UP

Karan Aujla took it to his instagram story to update his fans on his career debut album, BacTHafu*UP, set to release soon. Karan revealed that the album is currently in the shooting process. And today, Karan uploaded a story on his instagram which appears to be the shooting location for his next music video.

The artist was seen at the top of a skyscraper in simply the world’s most famous city, the city of Hollywood. The place Hollywood in Los Angeles, the US, is home to the world’s biggest film industry and Karan Aujla is inside a tall standing building of the city.

We know that the artist’s debut album is currently in shooting stage and Karan’s stories suggest that he is probably shooting for a music video of his upcoming album BacTHafu*UP. Deep Rehaan, the Chief Operating Officer at Rehaan Records, also uploaded a story from the same spot at Hollywood, which seems to add another hint to our speculations.

Happy Singh, a popular US-based singer, rapper, songwriter and Music producer of Indian origin, also uploaded a story on his official instagram account from the very same spot. All of the dots seem to be connecting and suspicion is that Karan Aujla is shooting for a song of his upcoming album with Happy Singh Music, in Hollywood. 

Karan Aujla had been socially inactive for weeks until he finally came to interact with his fans yesterday through instagram stories. All the things seem to hint that Karan Aujla is going to take his album to an international level by collaborating with artists all over the world. We can only know what is actually inside one of the most anticipated Punjabi albums ever, once it gets officially released. 

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