Is Khan Bhaini Targeting Sunny Malton And Sidhu Moosewala’s Reunion In His Latest Story?

Is Khan Bhaini Targeting Sunny Malton And Sidhu Moosewala's Reunion In His Latest Story?

One of the most talented Punjabi singer-lyricists at present, Khan Bhaini was all over the Punjabi audience for his recently dropped ‘Churi’ song with Shipra Goyal. And now again the singer is making headlines for a story on his social media which probably delivers a controversial statement. 

His story reads, “aise fame da ki fayeda paije thukk ke je chattna”. The statement has created a lot of buzz on social media and his story got viral in no time. Though he did not mention any name in the story, it is being assumed that he has dedicated this quote for the recent reunion of Sidhu Moosewala and Sunny Malton.

The whole Punjabi Industry shook when Sunny Malton uploaded an Instagram post, standing beside his old friend and co-artist, Sidhu Moosewala. Sidhu Moosewala-Brown Boys were easily one of the most successful music groups of the modern times and their reunion was bound to break the internet.

It is also very likely that the long-lost team might finally be collaborating for a future track and Khan Bhaini’s rather controversial statement is being speculated by the public to be a shot at this. So far, nothing has been said by either Sidhu or Sunny in the statement, so all of these are just guesses in the air.

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Till then we can wait for more hints and replies from other artists to know who Khan Bhaini is targeting! But the story came out of nowhere and it is impossible that it does not hold a meaning or reason behind it!

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