Is Parmish Verma Going To Marry Soon? His Instagram QnA Session Hints At His Probable Marriage Soon

Parmish Verma was the only hope of Punjabi single boys. The ‘Taur Naal Shadaa Munda’ was single even though millions of Punjabi girls sprinkled their lives for the Hunk. But the last surviving hope might be on the verge of breaking. Parmish Verma recently did a Q ‘n’ A round on his Instagram stories and it made shocking revelations. 

Parmish Verma posted a story with the ‘Ask Me A Question’ sticker for his fans, and the fans immediately flooded him with interrogations. But the interesting part was the questions related to the actor’s relationship status. In a very cunning manner, it felt like Parmish was dropping hints towards a probable marriage soon.

On being asked about his choice of the favorite celebrity couple, he came up with the most unexpected reply, ‘Main te Thodi Bhabhi ’.

A single man, surviving on hopes of Parmish, pleaded the chosen one not to marry. Parmish again came up with a reply hinting at his marriage. 

The Parmish-Parineeti love story has ended too, as revealed by him in the session.

All of his replies force us to think the impossible. He is about to marry soon. He had even uploaded a picture with a girl on his Instagram, a while ago.

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Believe it or not, either Parmish is making history by trolling the whole industry with a big joke, or he is about to break at least a million hearts. He is about to marry. 

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