Is Punjab Police Sheltering Sidhu Moosewala ?

Lets take a look on how events unfolded in this Sidhu Moosewala controversy:

Videos with Sidhu Moosewala firing Ak 47 and Personal Pistol go with Police officials went viral on social media.

On 4th may an FIR was filed against Sidhu Moosewala in Barnala.

On 5th may another fir was filed in Sangrur.

These FIRs  were filed under IPC sec 188 and disaster management act sec 51.

On 18th May in Barnala FIR sec 25 and 30 arms act and 120 B IPC were added.

On 18th May in Sangrur FIR sec 25, 29 and 30 arms act was added.

You would remember that Police had to add arms act because media pressurized them as they were showing casual attitude in the case.

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Police have been telling media that raids were going on to arrest the accused but recently a video of Moosewala’s lawyer was shared on social media claiming that Sidhu had met police officials recently. This is a contradiction to what police had been telling and the role of Punjab Police, in this case, is under question.

Sidhu Moosewala’s Advocate

Meanwhile, when the media approached the villagers of Moosa Pind, some said on camera that Sidhu can easily be spotted roaming around the Haweli and his home in the tractor and even villagers weren’t happy with Sidhu’s attitude. While some chose to stay quiet on the matter because that’s what they had been asked to do. Obviously, nobody wants to mess with Sidhu as he is influential and mother being Sarpanch of the village.

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While media is constantly asking tough questions against Sidhu, he is active on social media and in a post called media “Liars, Tricksy, gossip mongers and salable”

Sidhu surely has a huge fan following and is getting massive support on social media and now even industry has Jumped in support too.

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