Is Punjabi-Canadian Artist Nav In A Relationship?

Is Punjabi-Canadian Artist Nav In A Relationship?

Navraj ‘Nav’ Singh Goraya, is a well known face in the musical world. The Canadian rapper is originally from Toronto, Ontario but has Punjabi descent. Recently, he uploaded a story on his instagram account that had the fans surprised. The artist was holding hands with probably someone special and the audience is already believing he’s in a relationship.

Nav has never spoken about his relationship status earlier and this sudden probable reveal story is a big surprise for his fans. Nav is also very popular among Punjabi fans, mainly because of his image of a Punjabi artist in the western world. He is also a Platinum artist, certified by the RIAA. 

Nav has also featured in one of the biggest Punjabi songs globally, Brown Munde by Ap Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon. He was seen making a cameo appearance in the video of the song. He mainly rose to attention as a music producer, when he co-produced ‘Back To Back’ in 2015 by the global music sensation, Drake. 

Nav’s instagram story has put everyone in confusion. He did not explain anything about the story, just a ‘hand in hand’ picture. But the audience believes that the Canadian rapper has found the love of his life and has given a hint at it with his story. Maybe, he’ll be making his relationship public soon.

Nav can also be just joking around and the story might be just regarding an upcoming project. A song, an album or any project might be on its way and Nav might be pranking his fans with the story, making them believe he’s in a relationship. We don’t know the actual truth behind the story, if it’s a project, it might get revealed soon, only Nav can confirm what the story is all about. 

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