Is Qismat 2 postponed for now?


We all have been fascinated with Qismat, a film starring Ammy Virk & Sargun Mehta. There was definitely something in the story of the film, that left us craving for more. But there is a piece of bad news for us all, that the sequel of Qismat which we were eagerly waiting for has been delayed. It was to be shot abroad this year, but due to the spread of Coronavirus & messed traveling plans, it is no more possible. Director Jagdeep says, he has a story that would suit the storyline of Ammy’s another superhit film released this year, Sufna, and it will be a good idea to use it as the plot of Sufna 2. Following this, Jagdeep and Ammy Virk are planning to start working on the second part of Sufna soon. They both have planned meet-up in Chandigarh to decide about the shooting schedules of both the films, as soon as the lockdown ends, because Jagdeep right now is in Ganga Nagar.

It’s been a few days, Ammy Virk has posted a story on his Instagram account, asking his audience about their choice of Film for a part 2, in response to it, people wanted the sequel of both the films, Qismat & Sufna. And this helped to level-up his confidence too.

By the way, due to this lockdown all over India, Ammy Virk’s Bollywood debut film 83 is also on hold. But Sufna’s amazing performance on screens has proved him as a great actor for sure. This Film is getting tremendous love and a good response on Amazone Prime too. We hope Ammy brings us the sequel of Qismat & Sufna soon. And also we wish him luck for his Bollywood debut with Ranveer Singh in film 83. Besides these, he is a part of many other projects including Bhuj with Ajay Devgan, Pauda with Sonam Bajwa, Challe Mundiya with Mandy & one more with our favorite Sargun Mehta.

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