Is Shooter Movie Coming Soon? Jayy Randhawa Leaves A Hint For Fans

The film “Shooter” has had a tragic journey so far. It was very anticipated by the fans and actor Jay Randhawa was too looking forward to the movie’s release, but it was banned by the Punjab government on 9 February 2020 for promoting ‘gun violence’ and glorifying the life of a gangster, Sukha Kahlon. The ban left the fans as well as the movie team completely shattered. Jayy Randhawa was very hurt by the incident as the movie was very close to him.

The movie was then leaked on the internet amid the coronavirus pandemic, and sitting idle at home due to the lockdown, the leaked version was viewed by a huge amount of viewers. It received a positive response from the fans and some even described Jayy Randhawa’s performance as Sucha, one of the best in modern Punjabi cinema. The shooter team tried to find a common ground with the government and somehow find a way to release the movie in theatres but the lockdown and theatre shutdown did not let that happen.

Recently Jayy Randhawa started sharing shots from the movie on his Instagram account. He also shared a picture of an Assault rifle with ‘Coming soon’ written on the story. Fans suspect that it is a hint towards Shooter finally getting a release date. What are your views on this, will government lift the ban imposed on the release of the movie, and if so, when do you expect the movie to be released?

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