Is Something Collaborative Cooking Up Between Parmish Verma & Sidhu Moosewala?

Being Punjabi industry lovers we are getting many surprises by the artists. Be it film’s and songs announcements or some special moment like weddings. Parmish Verma, who got married to his girlfriend Geet Grewal very freshly shared a thread of picture glimpses from the ceremonies. But what caught our attention the most among them was an IG story posted by Parmish. 

Parmish Verma shared a photograph of his newly bought Bentley Bentayga car which he gifted to his wife on their engagement day. He captured the car and his hand holding a sword in the frame, which is probably from his wedding day. But not just that, he added Sidhu Moosewala’s formerly released song, Mafia Style in the story by captioning it as, “Sidhu Moosewala, Yaad aa Aahi Gane Di Gal Hoi Si 😉🔥”. 

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The way Parmish reminded Sidhu Moosewala of the song looks like they had planned something for this song earlier but things didn’t work out at that time. Sidhu reshared the story of Parmish Verma on his IG story, too. However, Mafia Style’s video was already shot in Dubai and due to some reasons the release is still pending. But this puzzled vision made the fans curious if something is going to happen. Is Sidhu Moosewala coming up with any song with him? Will Parmish Verma be directing any music video for Sidhu Moosewala? Or is it just a random shot that Parmish shared on his marriage day as the song matches with the occasion’s vibe? 

Fortunately, if any collaboration happens, it will be hair-raising to watch it for as both the artists are best at what they do. Parmish Verma is very well known for his stupendous direction work he did in the previous years but paused it because of the other streams like acting and singing. Whereas, Sidhu Moosewala has got an amazing art of writing and singing. Is it something new for the Mafia Style’s video or will something different be done? It will be thrilling to look at it. 

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