It Ain’t Legal Review: Rupan Bal Proves Karan Aujla As The Ultimate Boss Once Again

It Ain’t Legal Review: Rupan Bal Proves Karan Aujla As The Ultimate Boss Once Again

We can undoubtedly say that Karan Aujla is trying his level best in making sure his debut album remains the talk of the town. And to every possible limit, his efforts have succeeded too. He has impressed his fans with his album BTFU , and now, all his fans’ eyes are set on the music videos of the superhit songs from the album. Recently Karan Aujla has released the official music video of song ‘It Ain’t Legal’ on the YouTube Channel of Speed Records, and the video has started creating buzz among all the Aujla fans. 

Talking about the song first, it has vocals in the voice of Karan Aujla and Gurlej Akhtar, while  the lyrics of the song are penned by the all rounder Karan Aujla only. It’s music has been given by Tru Skool and overall it’s an upbeat melody to groove on.

And now, when it’s video is also available on YouTube, it has also done proper justice to the vibe of the song. Since it was a duet song, its video also featured a story which was just perfectly at par with the lyrics of the songs. The music video features Yashika Talwar opposite Karan Aujla, and we must say, their chemistry is something that deserves appreciation. 

Video director Rupan Bal is unveiling the knots of his extraordinary and amazing skills, as his talent is surprising us with the release of every new video from BTFU . The video of It Ain’t Legal has been shot beautifully and looks appealing. Though it includes the usual gangster drama, violence and gun shots too, it appears different when compared with others. 

Also, we need to take a moment out to appreciate the rhythm of the shots as they matched with the beats and lyrics of the songs and looked extremely flawless. Overall, we believe, Karan Aujla must be really thankful to Rupan Bal, because his efforts have made sure that his songs visually be as appealing as their audios are. 

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