It’s Expensive! Parmish Verma Rolex Price Can Severely Dent The Savings Of Common Men

It's Expensive! Parmish Verma Rolex Price Can Severely Dent The Savings Of Common Men

Pollywood’s handsome hunk Parmish Verma is on the verge of taking over the internet with his amazing work and looks. Recently, taking to social media, Parmish posted a picture of himself that made his fans go gaga over his looks. 

In the picture, Parmish can be seen clad in a very stylish avatar. He is wearing a stylish jacket paired with a white t-shirt and black jeans. His famous smoldering looks, making it harder for netizens to take their eyes off him.

However, this just does not end here. The total cost of his outfit is mind boggling and you will be amazed to know the details.

The PBfits page of Instagram, generally shares the cost details of celebrities’ outfits. And today they disclosed the outfit price of punjabi artist Parmish Verma.

As we know his love for expensive luxury clothing and articles has made him a style-icon of the industry. 

So he chose to go on with Hugo Boss White Logo Tee which costs ₹10,388. For covering up the t-shirt, he sported a Gucci multicolor canvas jacket costing ₹2,21,128. To make his look more cool he decided to step into Jordan Mid Yellow shoes which cost ₹22,261.

Now if you think this is enough, then you must hold your heart and definitely look at the price of his Rolex watch which costs ₹10,45,000. 

Shocked? Yes we are too. Now it is clear that Punjabis will never leave any stones unturned to laden their bodies with expensive luxurious brands.

The total cost of his outfit amounts ₹12,99,777.

If you wish to know more about the outfit details of such artists and you are one of those who like to keep track, then we have got you covered. PBFITS is just the right place for you. From outfit details to even their price, they have got it all.

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