J.Davin, Writer Of Punjabi Movie Tunka Tunka, Defends Hardeep Grewal For Being Blamed For His Financial Condition

J.Davin, Writer Of Punjabi Movie Tunka Tunka, Defends Hardeep Grewal For Being Blamed For His Financial Condition

An interview has gone viral on the internet lately. The interview of the writer of award-winning Punjabi movie Tunka Tunka. The film has been written by J.Davin and the movie has done marvelously at the box office, considering the coronavirus situation prevailing in the country and the movie has also received positive views from the critics for its beautiful storyline, also earning it many awards.

While the movie’s story was something that attracted the audience to go watch it in the theatres, the condition of the writer of the movie will amaze you. In a recent interview, J.Davin told the world his life story and it is so rare to see a writer of the Punjabi industry living in such conditions. 

Soon after the interview was seen by the majority of the people, the public immediately started blaming Hardeep Grewal, lead actor and producer of Tunka Tunka, for the writer’s financial conditions.

Though J.Davin has revealed in the interview that he was paid a handsome amount for writing the story of the film, the public still blamed Hardeep for his conditions. He added that Tunka Tunka might have won countless awards and done big at the box office, but it wasn’t a movie created with business or money in mind. 


He said that it was a film created for the public in complete good faith. He further added that if the team started seeing Tunka Tunka as a mode of money, the problems for Hardeep Grewal would have doubled up. The budget of the movie would have shot up to double of the present. But the public was already blaming Hardeep Grewal for the writer’s conditions.

J.Davin even came forward on his Instagram account and uploaded a clip to clear everything. He said that Hardeep Grewal should not be blamed for his conditions, he is solely responsible for his own financial conditions and he’s struggling day and night, all by himself, to push him out of this vicious cycle. He also added that whatever job I’ve done in my life, I’ve done with total compassion. 


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