Jaan (YIAS) Review: Who Doesn’t Love It When Sidhu Moosewala Activates His Romantic Mode!

Jaan (YIAS) Review: Who Doesn’t Love It When Sidhu Moosewala Activates His Romantic Mode!

This is the time we need to agree that Sidhu Moosewala is not a master of up-beat gangster songs, but also romantic songs. Everytime Sidhu comes up with a romantic track, it feels like the artist is going out of his comfort zone but romantic songs have become another comfort zone for Sidhu now!

The next track from Sidhu Moosewala’s upcoming film, Yes I Am Student, has officially been dropped on Youtube. Titled ‘Jaan’, the song gives us a glance at the beautiful love story of the lead on-screen couple Sidhu and Mandy Takhar. Yes I Am Student is not going to be all about the problems of international students, but will also depict a love story.

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The song Jaan features Sidhu Moosewala as the vocalist, composer and the lyricist while Intense has given his music to the song. It depicts the cute love life of the lead actors in the movie. Just like Sidhu’s previous love tracks Us, Sohne Lagde, Chosen, It’s All About You and more, this one is too an emotional ride.

Whenever Sidhu picks up his pen, either he burns the paper with his fiery and aggressive lyrics or just pours his heart out and this time he’s done the latter. His voice is just as melodious as bold. The singer knows perfectly well how to master that low tone and bring the required melody to the romantic songs, which is just another reason behind the massive success of his love songs.

The shots in the song are really lovely and make it much more picturesque. It feels like amidst all the intense storyline going on in the movie, this song is going to ensure the perfect balance by lighting up the mood. This is the third song from the movie and all of them have been top-class. Yes I Am Student can prove to be a career-changing movie for Sidhu Moosewala and mark his name in the Punjabi film industry as well.

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