Jaani Quits Social Media, Says “Thank You So Much For All The Love You’ve Given Me”

Jaani Quits Social Media, Says “Thank You So Much For All The Love You’ve Given Me”

If you’ve ever thought about deleting your social media accounts, you are not alone. There are many stars who detox themselves from social media in several ways. Whether they took a break from posting, wiped their social media clean before announcing a new project, or have ditched it forever. Many stars have made headlines for bucking social media.

Recently, prolific artist and lyricist Jaani announced his decision to quit social media with a final post on Instagram. The post feels like a genuine goodbye and one that might be a good thing for the actor. 

The post reads, “Deactivating and deleting social media (Instagram and Snapchat). Taking a break from social media. Thank You so much for all the love you’ve given me, always grateful. Don’t forget to watch Qismat 2 because you’ll be witnessing history, Jaani”

His fans were left in shock to not see his account anymore on the social media platform.  Social Media is the only place where celebrities can interact with their fans directly and vice versa, and deactivation of accounts means breaking off that interaction. 

At this time when the artist is enjoying huge success in the industry, where his songs are humming in every other house, it is difficult to digest that he made this decision.

Now, all we can wish for is that everything is well in his life and hope this break does not last for too long. Let’s see for his updates as soon as possible. 

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