Jackie Shroff’s ‘Pyaaj-Bhindi’ Recipe Goes Viral; Netizens Become MasterChef Judges In Comments! Read Comments

Jackie Shroff urf Jaggu Dada of Bollywood keeps on giving cooking tips that get viral instantly. When he is not imparting wisdom or raising his voice for environmental concerns, Jackie Shroff starts telling interviewers unique recipes which can make any boring food delicious and masaledaar. 

Earlier in an interview, Jackie Shroff shared a recipe of egg white omelet with tadka and baigan ka bharta that went viral within a few days. A lot of YouTubers and influencers tried the recipes and urged their viewers to do the same. 

Now in a recent interview with Fever 104, Jackie Shroff is back again with another hit desi recipe which is perfect to startle your taste buds. 

Jaggu Dada’s new recipe is called ‘ Kaanda Bhindi Sookha’ which is very simple and uses 4 ingredients only- onions, lady’s finger, garlic and salt. 

Now begin with cutting the bhindi in small pieces and onions in similar small cubes also known as ‘chaukandi’. 

Then heat some oil in the pan and add the onions and bhindi to it. You don’t have to stir it as he specifically instructs the audience not to stir the vegetables and leave them as it is while cooking. 

If you want to add a strong flavour, you may put one garlic clove to the sabzi and top it up with some salt. Now you may enjoy the dish with some bhakri. 

Jackie Shroff urges people to try this recipe at home as it is simple, delicious and uses lesser inexpensive ingredients. The comment sections are flooded with people trying the recipe and judging it. 

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