Jag Bains Becomes The First Sikh American To Win Big Brother USA

Big Brother is a television reality show from America which has a similar concept to that of Bigg Boss in India. In this show, few house guests are made to live together in a house which is isolated from the outside world. 

The house guests are monitored by 24 hours working cameras and personal audio mics. 

This year, the title of Big Brother 25 has been won by a Sikh contestant which has created a history. Jag Bains has become the first Sikh American to win Big Brother and is taking home a whopping cash prize of $750,000. 

Bains told the host Julie Chen Mooves that “To be able to win this with integrity and loyalty the whole time is exactly what I wanted to do.”Jag has not only been the first Sikh American to win this title but also the first player to win the competition after getting voted out. 

Who is Jag Bains?

Jagateshwar aka Jag Bains is a Sikh American businessman from Washington who owns a successful truck company, he took the entire world by storm after winning the title of Big Brother 25. Born and raised in Omak, Washington, Jag Bains is known for his warm and compassionate nature with strong family values. 

At the age of 25, Jag Bains already established himself as a successful entrepreneur earning huge amounts of respect in the business world. 

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