Jagdeep Sidhu Hired A Car In The UK, Response Of Car Owner While Payment Will Leave You Overwhelmed

Punjabi Film Industry is preparing itself for the post-pandemic period to entertain the fans with various entertaining films.

It is known that the shooting of the most awaited Qismat 2 is on board in the UK right now. Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk reached there almost a week ago and are enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and their shooting schedules. And Sufna fame Tania has also joined the team recently.

While the shooting is on, the team is sharing various moments and snaps from there to keep updating their fans.

Recently director Jagdeep Sidhu also shared a video in his Instagram story which made us proud and emotional at the same time.

The video shows the clio from the shooting location where the team hired a car and kept it for two days as per the need. And when Jagdeep asked the car’s owner about the payment, the cab driver refused to accept any money.

In return he requested Jagdeep to contribute the money to help the farmers protesting in the ongoing Farmers Protest in Delhi, India. 


We are sure this video has made you smile too.

The Farmers Protest against the Indian Government is still going on and the farmers there are not only fighting with the rigid rules of the government but also the pandemic COVID-19 and the burning heat of Indian Summers.

Though Indian media has ignored the matter like it means nothing to them, Punjabi Industry and International supporters have shown their continuous support for the Indian Farmers.

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