Jagdeep Sidhu Reveals Why There Is No Mother’s Character In Most Of His Movies!

Jagdeep Sidhu is one of the most prolific directors when it comes to the story writing of the movie. He has always come out with different scripts of films everytime we saw them on the big screens. Jagdeep has proved his skills in Pollywood very impressively. But what are the secret and isolated things that he keeps in mind while writing the scripts of his films, reveals Jagdeep himself. 

When asked about, what his thoughts and his inner personality talks he does with himself. To this he opened up and said that a filmmaker’s personality is what that reflects in his work mostly and a person cannot create anything, it is nature that is responsible for anything, we are just inspired from those occurrences. And this is what according to him reflects in your work without your knowledge. He also revealed why he doesn’t have the lead’s mother’s characters in the movie. 

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“When I sit and analyze my work, I think I have included any particular thing in the film because it has happened somewhere with me. Recently, I thought and realized that Hero’s mother’s character is not usually portrayed in most of my films, it is because I have lost my mother and don’t have her with me anymore. I even don’t realize it when I make the movies, it is not done intentionally as it is already fitted in my subconscious mind.”, said Jagdeep.  

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We have loved all the movies by Jagdeep Sidhu but didn’t notice this little yet surprising aspect in most of them. But the amazing direction and story of the movies didn’t make us realize the leftovers. Jagdeep is doing really well in the industry and taking the initiative of levelling up the movies and the scripts. 

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