Jagdeep Sidhu Shares Real Pregnancy & Abortion Story Of 20 YO! Says I’m Glad To Make Sher Bagga

Popular director and writer Jagdeep Sidhu is currently busy garnering feedback and appreciation for his recently released movie Sher Bagga. The film stars Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa in the leading roles. The film is based on the love story of two young and unmarried persons who get pregnant. And now, Jagdeep has shared a similar story on his Instagram account.

This real incident is the pregnancy and abortion story of a 20 YO girl. The story was initially shared by Humans of Bombay. Jagdeep seemed to be overwhelmed with the story, hence he decided to repost it on his timeline. 


This is the story of a 20 YO and her boyfriend who met at Bangalore airport. They liked each other and soon began dating. And one day when they realised that they were pregnant, they had to take the toughest decision of their lives. The young girl decided to get an abortion and her boyfriend stood by her. 
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The girl also revealed in her note that she has not shared this story with her mother and her mother also supported her. She ended the note with a very inspiring note, stating, ‘I’m glad that I made the right choice for me & my future. But people make it a very big deal–they can’t deal with the idea of an unmarried pregnant lady. But if you break it down, it’s very simple–whether I want to keep the child or not should be my decision alone. It’s the woman who has to face the consequences by herself, then, why should anybody else have a say?’

While Jagdeep Sidhu shared this on his Instagram, he also expressed that Sher Bagga was never his favourite movie, but now he is glad that he made the film.

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