Jagdeep Sidhu Urges Industry To Take Producer’s Money Seriously, Compares Them To Tigers

Jagdeep Sidhu, the director and writer behind punjabi cinema greats like Sufna and Qismat, appeared to be taking a stand for the producers of the Punjabi industry. The artist shared an instagram story to request the industry to save producers in Punjab.

While the whole world is raising the slogan ‘Save Tigers’ owing to only a handful of them left in the world, Jagdeep Sidhu raised the slogan ‘Save producers’. According to Jagdeep, unfortunately, Punjab does not have any presence of tigers in the state so it cannot be a part of the ‘Save Tigers’ campaign but the Punjabi industry is home to a number of film producers.

The actors and their team are generally seen showing a careless approach towards the producer’s money and Jagdeep Sidhu urged them to take the producers and their money seriously. If the industry keeps on showing this loose behaviour, the whole world will crave to see tigers but Punjabi industry will yearn for producers. 

With the condition of producers in the industry, Jagdeep also sheds light to another important global issue, saving biodiversity. Punjab has no tigers left in the state and it is not a good sign. 

This is the first time we have seen a major man of the industry standing for the producers of Punjab. 

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