Jagdeep Sidhu’s Friend Once Kicked Him Out Of His House But THIS Punjabi Star Helped Him Out

Lavish and glamorous, that’s how many of us see the life of celebrities but seldom do we realize that a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into reaching those heady heights of coveted fame. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth; many come from humble backgrounds with dreams to make it big. 

And one among those is Punjabi writer and director Jagdeep Sidhu. Jagdeep who has delivered hit films like Qismat, Sufna, Shadaa and many more, has faced a lot of hindrance and humiliation during his struggling days.

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Jagdeep once unveiled that he had a friend who he helped a lot, like sharing his house and food, but when Jagdeep was going through hard times, his friend kicked him out of the house. It made him hurt and broken. He had not enough money to afford a flat on rent so he stayed at one of his friends’ offices. But again that friend also kicked him out.

All this happened a lot during that time, so when he met with Amberdeep Singh, he gave him a place in his office and stayed there. But Jagdeep felt very humiliated and embarrassed because he didn’t like taking favors from anyone.

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Then hope came into his life when he met Neeru Bajwa and she took Jagdeep to Pankaj Batra. She praised him a lot and asked Pankaj that they would do a film with Jagdeep as he is a great writer. He wrote a film for Neeru but a familiar concept was announced by Gippy Grewal, so the team dropped the idea. Then he wrote Dildariyaan, and many people from the industry lauded his work. 

After that, he got all the money he asked for the first time. His work was much appreciated and due to that Jagdeep got fame and name among the audience. Undoubtedly, his struggle has motivated everyone and proves that if someone is talented then he will surely succeed!

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