Jagdeep Sidhu Originally Wanted To Make Moh In Hindi! THIS Is What Stopped Him

Jagdeep Sidhu is a man who is popularly known for his art of crafting emotions on screens. He has helmed amazing projects like Qismat, Qismat 2, Sufna, Lekh and more. Another film that has marked his name in Jagdeep Sidhu’s exceptionally beautiful movies is Moh which stars Sargun Mehta and Gitaz Bindrakhia in the leading roles. 

Moh became one of the highly anticipated Punjabi Movies immediately after it was announced. But do you know Jagdeep never planned to make it in Punjabi? Yes, the ace director wanted to take Moh to Bollywood by making it in Hindi. Then what happened that changed his mind and convinced him to do it in Punjabi?


Before we land on what stopped Jagdeep from making Moh in Hindi, we will talk about why he wanted to make it a Hindi Film. Actually, Jagdeep knew this type of story can prove to be really risky in the Punjabi market. Jagdeep wasn’t sure of it, hence we decided to take this bold concept to Bollywood which is wider in terms of understanding & sensitive themes as compared to the Punjabi Industry & audience. 

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But this film was finally made in Punjabi only because of Sargun Mehta. Yes, the Qismat actress is the person who was successful in changing Jagdeep’s mind. In an interview, Sargun revealed that when Jagdeep narrated the story to Sargun, she advised him to make it in Punjabi only because it was a really beautiful story. 


Sargun’s words worked as support to Jagdeep and he finally made up his mind about making the film in Punjabi. Till this time, neither Jagdeep nor Sargun knew they would also end up working on the film together. It was after some time when Jagdeep asked Sargun if she would like to act in the film. Sargun was convinced and the popular actor-director duo came on board together once again. 

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But it wasn’t still easy, as the hunt for the lead actor was still on. Jagdeep considered a few actors but wasn’t too convinced with them. The cast was finalized when Jagdeep decided to cast Gitaz Bindrakhia in the leading role opposite Sargun Mehta. 


Yes, this was another risky decision as Gitaz was supposed to mark his acting debut with this film. And when Jagdeep told Sargun about the casting of Gitaz, she too was in a dilemma for some time. In fact, Jagdeep went on to ask Sargun if she is still willing to do the film. But within half an hour, Sargun cleared her mind, and recollected all her confidence in the film and decided to continue to be a part of this project.  

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The entire team of Moh has indeed put a lot of effort and hard work into the project. But the thought that Jagdeep could have marked his Bollywood debut with this film is striking our minds again and again.

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