Jalandhar: Factory Worker Kidnapped In A Car And R*ped By 4 Girls!

As claimed by a factory worker in Jalandhar, four women who all in their early twenties, kidnapped him in a white car after dousing him in some chemical, then drugged and sexually assaulted him in a forest. Furthermore, he was abandoned by those four ladies at a random location at midnight. However, he didn’t file a police complaint but told this to local media, adding that he’s a married person with kids! 

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Talking more about the matter with the local media, he stated that his wife told him not to file a police complaint as he came back alive and that’s what matters in the end! Though the entire incidence is shocking as well as terrifying. As per the information, the man works at a leather factory. Moreover, the incident scared the masses in Punjab, especially the areas across Jalandhar.

Reportedly, while the man was returning to his home on Monday night, a white car stopped near him in which four girls were sitting who allegedly asked him for an address written on a paper slip. However, as soon as he started reading the slip, a girl amongst those four, sprayed a chemical in his eyes after which he fainted and they kidnapped him. 

Moreover, when he came back to consciousness, he found his hands were tied behind his back! Allegedly, the four girls were drinking alcohol and forced him to do the same! Surprisingly, as told by the victim to the local media, those four girls were talking to each other mostly in English. Additionally, the man claimed that those girls belonged to good families as per his observation. 

However, they talked to the man in Punjabi only. As claimed, the girls left him at a random location at around 3 AM. Furthermore, the media reports claim that the Punjab Police’s Intelligence department has initiated an investigation in the matter. Though the man himself didn’t file a police complaint, the entire incident once again raises questions on the law and order situation of the state.

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