Jalandhar West MLA Sheetal Angural’s Gunman Shoots Himself To Death

Just 2 days ASI Swaran Singh shot himself in Jalandhar, though his family members are alleging that he has been murdered, meanwhile, now Pawan Kumar (29), gunman of AAP MLA Sheetal Angural, has shot himself dead using his service rifle, in the room allotted to him. As per the media reports, he was going through depression due to some family issues. Though the Police officers are investigating the reasons behind his suicide. As per MLA Sheetal Angural, his gunman Pawan was on leave for the past few days and came back on duty on Thursday. 

The other gunmen, along with MLA Angural, left the residence at 9:AM as the MLA had to attend a function, but Pawan Kumar stayed at his room. DCP Jaskaranjit Singh Teja has said that Pawan stayed at his room while the other gunmen left with the MLA. As Pawan was not responding to any phone calls, the other gunmen went to check him and found him dead in his room. As per the primary investigation, Pawan shot himself dead using his AK-47 service rifle. His family members have been informed and the body has been sent for post mortem. The police has started the investigation and are recording the statements of the family and close ones. 

MLA Sheetal Angural has condoled his gunman Pawan Kumar’s death. He said that Pawan was a very calm person, it’s shocking that he has taken such an extreme step. On the other hand, Pawan’s family members have claimed that he was sick and didn’t want to go on duty, but was forced by MLA Sheetal Angural. His family members have demanded justice from the Police. 

For the past few months, the criminal activities have reportedly increased in Jalandhar West. Just 2 days back, ASI Swaran Singh had shot himself dead, whose family members are alleging that he was murdered. His wife had filed a complaint after which the Police booked ACP (Jalandhar North) and three other officers for abetment.

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