JALWA Review: Arjan Dhillon Gears Up The Punjabi Music Scene Once Again With The Album’s Release

You say Arjan Dhillon and we hear of one of the finest and polished Punjabi artists. We aren’t boasting of his skills in vain but the release of ‘Jalwa’ has made us do so. The artist has finally released his fresh album, Jalwa, which was awaited for so long after the success of ‘Awara’, Arjan’s last released 13-song album. 

Arjan Dhillon has always showcased his considerable lyricism & appreciable singing and this time it is no different, but a level up. While we were somewhere doubting about the songs’ quality as it has been a long time since Punjabi industry has witnessed good music, Arjan has cleared up the perplexity. Jalwa consists of 12 songs and we can say there is not a single song out of them which isn’t a must listen. 


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This time, the artist has collaborated with many celebrated music producers like Yeah Proof, Preet Hundal, Desi Crew, Mxrci, Jay B and The Kidd. Songs like 25-25, Hommie Call, Munde Pindan De and Tha Karke have super chill vibes and these might be the up to the scratch addition to your playlist at first if you enjoy some refreshing music. Then comes tracks like Fantasy, Memory Lane, Hazur and Janu Janu which are very settling for one’s ears. 


Let’s find out the specifications of each song from the album: 


This song flings with super bossy vibes and is sure to become the first ever track from the album to be loved by the listeners, especially guys. Mxrci has filled up the 25-25 with usual amazing music. 

It’s My Time 

Another song to be highly liked by everybody as it has the coolest vibes and self-assurance feels. ‘Je Koi Time Puche, Kehdi Saada E Aa’, will definitely make you hum it for a regular time. 

Memory Lane 

As the name suggests, Memory Lane is a kind of track which the artist has written deep down from his heart, it seems like his personal scenarios have been penned down by him. We can hear a ‘Senti Arjan’ in this song. 

Tha Karke 

With outstanding lyrics and fine composition, Tha Karke is yet another beautiful song from Jalwa. The Kidd has done a prolific job in providing its music. 


This is one of the sweetest songs from the album. A fictional lady from Pakistan is requesting his Punjabi Indian guy, Arjan, to fulfill his cute wishes and this one is our personal favorite. Music of Hazur is catchy enough to set your mood. 

Hommie Call 

Brown boys are often crazy for their friends and the song is whole-heartedly dedicated to them. If you are chilling with your friends, then this song should definitely be an addition to your playlist. 

Janu Janu 

You can happily groove to this song if you have just stepped into a relationship and you have got the sweetest girlfriend. Janu Janu is overall a fun song to chill on. 


Not just girls, but boys also make unique scenarios in their head and this song finely defines it. This song might take you along with the singer in imagining the girl you are wishing for yourself and is yet another sweetest song from the album. 

Munde Pindan De 

Munde Pindan De carries a desi vibe with ‘Pendu’ feels in itself. It is a nice track and has all the feels one needs in a chill song. 

Drunk Arjan 

Arjan Dhillon is happily setting his mind free with this song. Drunk Arjan is a party song for all the guys out there when they are drunk and in their happy place. 


Rafal is another song which has bossy vibes in it, which can be an addictive track for the ones who enjoy this genre of songs. 

Maharani Jinda’n 

Arjan Dhillon has taken everyone to the historical lane with this song. This can be considered as the finest song from the album which has rich lyrics from Arjan’s pen. 

We didn’t have any suspicions about Arjan’s pen but our fondness has now increased more after we heard ‘Maharani Jinda’n’ from the latest album. With ‘Maharani Jinda’n’, Arjan went down in the history lane once again after ‘Danabaadfrom ‘Awara’. We have re-realized how rich this artist is in his writing. 

The exceptional composition of the album’s songs like It’s My Time and Drunk Arjan would make the listeners stick to them for a longer time. Music for the same has been done with enough zeal that it is making the tracks more attractive and pleasing. 

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Jalwa is one of the outstanding projects of the year 2022 and for this Arjan Dhillon definitely deserves appreciation. With astounding quality and top-notch composition, all the songs are great in specific sections, but we would highly admire ‘Maharani Jinda’n’ as the best song of Jalwa. 

Listen to Arjan Dhillon’s latest album, Jalwa, here: 

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