Japji Khaira’s Reaction To When Someone Told Her That She Would Be Replaced In The Industry

Japji Khaira is one of the most prominent female faces in the Punjabi Industry. It’s been years since this actress has been entertaining us with her wonderful screen presence and excellent acting skills and she’s still on top of the game. But did you know she was once told by someone that if she would disappear for too long, someone would replace her? 

Japji Khaira recalled the incident in one of her interviews. She also added that this question has popped up on various occasions. She’s been advised multiple times not to become inactive in the industry for too long as the young and talented newcomer actresses in the industry would replace her. 

Japji Khaira has only one answer for all these people, her talent and her determination will always find her a place in the industry. She believes that even if she’s inactive for long, and a young actress takes up her place in the industry, it is not a big deal for her. She has full faith in her art and she can go to any extent to perform her role in the best way possible, and ultimately grab her spot in the industry.

Japji’s answer is loud and clear, if you’re talented, hard-working and determined, nobody can ever replace you. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’ve seen this in Japji’s movies throughout her career. She’s been in the industry for about 15 years now and there have been many actresses who debuted after her, but Japji’s spot remains unshakable.

With movies like Singh V/s Kaur, Son Of Manjeet Singh, Mitti Wajaan Maardi, Ishq Brandy, Ardaas 2 and many more, Japji has played various types of roles in her career and owned every single one of them. She still has many movies planned ahead and we are more than excited to see her again on the big screen.

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