Jashan Nanarh Refuses To Do Songs Glorifying Gun Culture, Drugs, Liquor And Violence

Music video director Jashan Nanarh is credited with the title of one of the best video directors in the Punjabi industry. He has now assured his distance with songs glorifying Gun Culture, drugs, liquor and violence. The artist announced through a post on his Instagram account that he won’t be doing videos promoting such items from now on.


One of the best in the business, Jashan Nanarh is known for doing music videos of the songs like Gunday Returns, Pegg Pugg and various other Punjabi hit songs. This is a huge blow for the industry. A director of his stature taking such firm steps might bring about a change in the industry.

The artist also updated his Instagram bio, he wrote the caption of the post mentioned above in the bio too. The comments on the post have been kept off. Looks like Jashan is completely clear on his stance and does not need any reviews on it. 

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