Jasmine, Garry and a mystery model !

The relationship status of Garry Sandu & Jasmine Sandlas has been the talk of the town. Their Snapchat stories were the reason, everyone knew that both were dating. There were stories, which were a little personal and where we could see them getting really cozy with each other. But this relationship wasn’t a happy one for long, as they both broke up soon. According to the rumors and gossips we got to know, Jasmine was really serious and into the relationship, whereas Garry wanted to keep it casual only. And due to this attitude, he never avoided getting close or involved with other girls too.

And just like this something took place between Garry and a model who happens to be in limelight these days. Rumors are that Garry & that mystery model went on a vacation out of the town, and Jasmine’s sources were strong enough to make sure she is updated with all this. When Jasmine tried to confront Garry, he took this for granted as well, and this lead to a break.

Where Garry was not much affected with all this, Jasmine was broken into pieces. each time she tried to have a conversation with him on the face, Garry ignored. Once Jasmine went to the place where Garry had his show organized, and she decided to wait for him in his vanity. But when Garry got to know about Jasmine’s presence, he performed extra on stage and made sure he doesn’t have to meet Jasmine. 

For once, everybody thought they patched up and everything was again normal between them. But it’s not always easy to mend what’s broken. And when it’s about a relationship, things don’t work out when the effort is a one-way thing. 

Recently Garry Sandhu has denied and said he doesn’t even recognize who Jasmine is. But we must say, they were the cutest couple goals, we had in Punjabi Industry. We believe they would have rocked the Industry if they were still together.

Is Qismat 2 postponed for now?

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