Jasmine Sandlas Opens Her Heart About The Truth Of Music Industry

The very bold, refreshing and vibrant Jasmine Sandlas is killing it with her music. Her music sets up an altogether different vibe in the room and she is famous for composition of bold and energizing songs. She surely portrays women as warriors and displays their strong side.

In her recent post on instagram, Jasmine opened her heart about the truth of the music industry and how the audience influences it. She shared how the audience supports songs about sex, liquor and weapons and her songs honouring Punjab like Punjab de Javak, Pinjra and Musafira got relatively lesser support and love.

She further made a great point by saying that “Just like me, lots of artists make the music for their audience because they say that the audience prefers it or that’s what brings the views etc. But if we don’t share what we truly are, how will our audience know what we believe in.” and we couldn’t agree more.

Sharing her interest she also says that she loves writing songs about unity, love and dreams but these topics aren’t click baits and she has written songs that portray women as strong and elegant warriors but the audience prefers bimbos over it. So, therefore, she has decided to portray women as both and let the audience decide what they want to see and named this experiment as #thegreatpunjabiexperiment.


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