Koi Load Nahi Review: Jaspreet Talks About Racism Against Sardars, Motivation, F*ddu Babas & Much More

Jaspreet Singh, simply one of the best stand-up comedians out there, recently released his around 1-hour long stand-up comedy ‘Koi Load Nahi’ on OTT Platform, Amazon Prime Video. Just like always, Jaspreet again pulled off an amazing performance and the reaction of the audience in the room is all that you need to see.

The comic initially raised important issues existing in the stand-up comedy world. Sharing experiences from his personal life, he revealed how Sardars are subjected to casual racism in the comedy world. Being a master performer, he successfully brought the issue in light with a comic touch to it.

Jaspreet also talked about ‘motivation’ but not in a way you would expect him to. It was rather a demotivational session for motivation. Recalling an incident when the comedian received a phone call to deliver a motivational lecture at a company, Jaspreet makes the whole room go nuts! It was easily one of the best parts of the whole stand-up.

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The smart lad that Jaspreet is, he again makes a striking point of how the world perceives the definition of the word ‘privileged’. While it might create an image of luxury cars, huge villas and a lavish lifestyle in your mind, the privileged are those who are able to afford proper education and food. Jaspreet makes us realize that there are people in the world, who have to make a choice between either buying a meal or books for education, and we say we’re not privileged.

Ok! Enough of the social messages, after all it is a stand-up ‘comedy’! You have never watched Jaspreet perform if you think he cannot just make you laugh with mere gestures! He goes on to talk about the thing we all want in our life, not success, not our dreams, but our buttocks on the bed creating a proper ‘W’!

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Providing a detailed description about the heights of laziness that the comedian has achieved, he very smartly adds another layer, of his doorbell, to it. The little yet brilliant part, full of comedy, was the best part out of the lot! How his wife assigns a 32-year old man various tasks, his experience with cooking, studying while being a total lazy-ass makes the whole part the standout one.

The comedian yet again raises an important issue as the stand-up moves in close to its conclusion. This time he talks about the reality tv shows for kids. It looks like we’ve reached a point where comedians are spreading awareness while the people who actually need to, are not. Kids, at an age where they’ve no understanding of what is a win, loss or competition are made to participate in reality tv shows. 

This is probably the first time we would have seen reality tv shows for kids with such a perspective. The best thing about Jassi is, he properly communicates that he’s talking about a real issue, yet he makes it completely comical. 

Jassi is a Punjabi and an engineer doing comedy, which is enough of a reason why we would totally recommend you to watch ‘Koi Load Nahi’ on Amazon Prime. It will definitely be a 1-hour of complete entertainment dose and help you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

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